What is a family?

WE had our most recent SWH leadership team meeting this past Sunday and had two new participants! Below, Ashley talks about her experience in this group; please reach out if you’d like to join us.

How do you define family?

Your immediate family? Your supporters? The people who comfort you when you need it most? To me, a family is the people I love, the people who will always be there for me no matter what. A family does not only mean an immediate family like parents and brothers or sisters. A family can also be people who work together for a larger purpose or a common good like we do at Servants With a Heart.

I have grown up serving beside the Servants with a Heart team and I know no matter what, they will always come to my aid and they're just one phone call away. I have grown up with all of these people by my side and it’s been awesome. One of my many hopes is that during a packing event someone, maybe just one person, will notice this close-knit family working together. A family, whether it's an immediate family or a serving family…when it works together it's unstoppable and it can move mountains and change the world. Every single member of the Servants With A Heart family, old or young, a rookie or a veteran, is appreciated and loved more than they can imagine.

We hope you have a serving family. If not, we would welcome you to see if Servants with a Heart is right for you! Come and say hello at one of our upcoming packing events. Explore our website. Email info@servantswithaheart.orgfor more information. We hope to see you soon.

Part of our SWH Leadership Team serving together in Nicaragua this summer!

Part of our SWH Leadership Team serving together in Nicaragua this summer!

Suzanne Yoh