Meet Ashly Vega

Below is another report from one of our partners, Samaritans international in pochocuape, Nicaragua

Ashly Vega is a 10-year old girl from the community of San Isidro, El Rosario, Carazo department of Nicaragua. In this municipality, people work the land to cultivate grains. There is a lot of poverty and inequality between those who have land and those who do not. Many who do not own land must work on it for others to survive.

Ashly has been part of our feeding program since January 2019. Since this time, God performed a miracle in her life. She could not walk, and now she walks and runs throughout her house with an incredible sense of awareness, although she is blind. She has gained weight and her health is much improved.

She has learned a few words which she now repeats, indicating that from the beginning of the Samaritans International Disabled Monitoring Program, her mental development has progressed. The vitamin-fortified soy-rice has helped her in her physical and intellectual growth and also has provided the nutrients she needs, which were missing due to her family's lack of financial resources. Ashly now has a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Her mother and brothers are very happy and grateful to Jesus for the provision that God has sent them through Samaritans International and the Disabled Monitoring Program. Thank you Servants With a Heart volunteers, because without your support we would not be able to reach Ashly's home.

Ashly at home

Ashly at home

Suzanne Yoh