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our food

1 cup = 1 meal; 6 meals = 1 bag

One single-cup daily serving provides enough nutrients to nourish a child, even if that is the only food he or she eats that day. Although likely still hungry, his or her body will grow and brain will develop properly with just this small amount of food.

  • rice: long-grain white rice is widely recognized around the world (and people know how to cook it!); it fills the stomach and has a long shelf-life

  • crushed, fortified soy: very high in protein (52%), 3 times more protein rich than red meat, vegetarian (acceptable to most diets around the world) and has a long shelf-life

  • dehydrated vegetables: blend of 6 vegetables enhances vitamin and fiber content, improves taste and visual appeal

  • vitamin powder: chicken-flavored, vegetarian mixture of 21 vitamins and minerals, and all 9 essential amino acids


host an event

What is needed to host your own event in your community at your school, business, or church? How do you get started?

  • decide: make a decision to make an impact; your group’s time will feed hungry children and their families

  • plan: coordinate your volunteers, secure your packing space, and raise the needed funds; we will tailor your event to your group’s specific needs and work with you to plan a successful event

  • pack: we will bring everything needed to help you and your volunteers set up, organize yourselves, pack food, and clean up

common questions

  • what kind of space is needed? most groups pack in a gym, cafeteria, or fellowship hall, but we’ve packed in warehouses, picnic shelters, inside tents, and even in a university wood-shop, so just ask us about your location

  • how many meals can we pack? we pack in increments of 50,000 meals, and would typically recommend 200 volunteers over two shifts for that number, but we will work with your numbers and the size of your space to create your event (fewer volunteers = longer shifts; more volunteers = shorter shifts and/or more meals packed)

  • how much money do we need? the food costs 15 cents per meal and since we operate at cost, that is what we charge for meals in the greater Charlotte area ($7500 for the 50,000 meal minimum); for out-of-town events, we typically increase our minimum and add a small surcharge to help cover our extra costs

  • where does the packed food go? we usually ship about 90% of our food to Nicaragua through a partnership with Furniture Factory Outlet World/Samaritans International, but if you’d like to pay to ship your food elsewhere, we will work with you; we also try to keep the remaining 10% in your local area

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