Del Mar to dumps

Today’s post is from SWH Leadership Team member David, who shares his feelings about his recent visit to Nicaragua to distribute our food.

I went from the dumps of Managua and absolute poverty to the bluffs of Del Mar, CA and its immense beauty and absolute wealth within a couple of weeks. There can be no greater contrast. As I am taking in the coastline there is a couple beside me drinking coffee and enjoying the beach, and I wonder if they have any idea about who created this. It strikes me that having this awesome environment with all the beauty and amenities can actually cause you not to see God. The forest from the trees thing. You’re too wrapped up in your own world and pleasures and don’t see God. I then think of the faces of the people of the dump singing praise songs and I think of the lyrics, “I can hear the rush of angels’ wings, I see glory on each face, surely the presence of the Lord is in this place.” I ask myself, which is the better place? Where would I rather be? I can’t answer. Both? Doesn’t that sum up my life? Torn between two worlds, metaphorically speaking. I don’t think God is asking me to choose one or the other in physical terms but I know he is asking my heart.

Suzanne Yoh