Diana’s Story

Here we have a field report from our partners in Nicaragua, Samaritans International

Las Hamacas is located in Ciudad Sandino. It is a community far from the city and civilization, with roads that are very difficult to access. Health centers and schools are also far from the community. Once we visited Las Hamacas, we became committed to its inhabitants and their needs. Thank you to the donors who have made it possible to deliver food each month to this place!

Diana’s Story

Diana is 16 years old, and has a 3-month-old baby. She is a single mother and her baby's name is Ana Carolina García Fernández. The young Diana only reached fifth grade and because of her pregnancy, she could not continue studying. She is so grateful to Samaritans International and Servants With a Heart for the food they bring to her community and for the support they have given her with milk for her baby Ana Carolina.

Diana has started a beauty (styling) course that is taught by Samaritans school, together with the organization Beauti of Hope. This technical course is for young ladies who are looking for better opportunities in life and have an entrepreneurial spirit, and is a great blessing for Diana. She knows that these studies will be a tool to be able to get ahead and care for her daughter. She is grateful for the opportunity to be living under a roof provided by Samaritans, where she is supported with food for her and her daughter, along with the technical education being offered.

Diana thanks each person who volunteers so that her future and that of her daughter can be filled with opportunity.

Suzanne Yoh