Another perspective on 16 million meals...

Thank you to Mark Szymanski for this blog about his experience at McKee Road Elementary!

The alarm sounded at 5am and I jumped out of bed, looking forward to the day ahead. I was part of a team preparing for a packing event at McKee Road Elementary School. Upon arrival I was met by others and like bees working a hive, we unloaded the trailer truck and staged the gym with sacks of soy and rice, and plenty of boxes.

Our goal was to pack 50,000 meals. If accomplished, Servants With a Heart would pack its 16,000,000th meal, but more than that, children and families in Nicaragua and here in Charlotte would have foundational nutritious meals to help stave off serious health issues due to malnutrition.

With everything in place, the 5th grade class entered the gym and the packing commenced. Eight tables were actively engaged and the kids were loving it. One told me, "I'm glad to help because I can have anything I want to eat but other kids hardly have anything."

As the different grades came and went the excitement increased. From kindergarten to 5th grade they all seemed to work with a purpose to reach the goal…and then it happened! The box that contained the 16,000,000th meal was sealed. We did it!

The kids cheered and they knew they played a valuable part in helping children in other nations just have a meal. It took a team along with a great deal of heart and hard work. If the kids walked away with just a portion of what I felt, I know it will impact their lives. Generous living is key to a fulfilled life and they took a great first step.

Thank you to everyone at McKee Road Elementary School. You are true heroes in my book!

Mark Szymanski, UWM US Regional Leader

Suzanne Yoh