Hello, my name is Ashley.

Hello, my name is Ashley. I am a fourteen year old eighth grade student, and my family and I have been working with Servants with a Heart for six years. That means I started working with this organization when I was eight years old! Quickly my family gained interest in this operation. Servants with a Heart is a great opportunity to serve, no matter how old you are. I love working with Servants with a Heart, and it's not just because of the service hours—it's because I get to work to be the hands and feet of Christ with the people I love, doing the job I love.

I know that it's hard to find serving opportunities for your children. As a kid I always wanted to do Operation Christmas Child or the Rescue Mission; both amazing operations, but I was not of age. Servants with a Heart made me feel important and needed, even as a child. As a younger child I felt and still feel loved by all who work with this organization and I love that. When children come to our packing events we help them grow with the Lord and help them serve the Lord. We can give them jobs suitable to their age, but also jobs that adults could easily do. I know from experience that this makes me feel more mature and needed.

My family is part of the leadership team for Servants with a Heart. We run events, we clean dishes, we do paperwork, and so much more, but as a fourteen year old girl that means a lot to me. Servants with a Heart isn't just my happy place—it's also my family. I invite you to come to our next packing event and help us serve the Lord!


Suzanne Yoh