Hello, my name is Ashley.

Hello, my name is Ashley. I am a fourteen year old eighth grade student, and my family and I have been working with Servants with a Heart for six years. That means I started working with this organization when I was eight years old! Quickly my family gained interest in this operation. Servants with a Heart is a great opportunity to serve, no matter how old you are. I love working with Servants with a Heart, and it's not just because of the service hours—it's because I get to work to be the hands and feet of Christ with the people I love, doing the job I love.

I know that it's hard to find serving opportunities for your children. As a kid I always wanted to do Operation Christmas Child or the Rescue Mission; both amazing operations, but I was not of age. Servants with a Heart made me feel important and needed, even as a child. As a younger child I felt and still feel loved by all who work with this organization and I love that. When children come to our packing events we help them grow with the Lord and help them serve the Lord. We can give them jobs suitable to their age, but also jobs that adults could easily do. I know from experience that this makes me feel more mature and needed.

My family is part of the leadership team for Servants with a Heart. We run events, we clean dishes, we do paperwork, and so much more, but as a fourteen year old girl that means a lot to me. Servants with a Heart isn't just my happy place—it's also my family. I invite you to come to our next packing event and help us serve the Lord!


Suzanne Yoh
Another perspective on 16 million meals...

Thank you to Mark Szymanski for this blog about his experience at McKee Road Elementary!

The alarm sounded at 5am and I jumped out of bed, looking forward to the day ahead. I was part of a team preparing for a packing event at McKee Road Elementary School. Upon arrival I was met by others and like bees working a hive, we unloaded the trailer truck and staged the gym with sacks of soy and rice, and plenty of boxes.

Our goal was to pack 50,000 meals. If accomplished, Servants With a Heart would pack its 16,000,000th meal, but more than that, children and families in Nicaragua and here in Charlotte would have foundational nutritious meals to help stave off serious health issues due to malnutrition.

With everything in place, the 5th grade class entered the gym and the packing commenced. Eight tables were actively engaged and the kids were loving it. One told me, "I'm glad to help because I can have anything I want to eat but other kids hardly have anything."

As the different grades came and went the excitement increased. From kindergarten to 5th grade they all seemed to work with a purpose to reach the goal…and then it happened! The box that contained the 16,000,000th meal was sealed. We did it!

The kids cheered and they knew they played a valuable part in helping children in other nations just have a meal. It took a team along with a great deal of heart and hard work. If the kids walked away with just a portion of what I felt, I know it will impact their lives. Generous living is key to a fulfilled life and they took a great first step.

Thank you to everyone at McKee Road Elementary School. You are true heroes in my book!

Mark Szymanski, UWM US Regional Leader

Suzanne Yoh
16 Million Meals!

16 MILLION! Servants With a Heart packed its sixteen millionth meal on December 17th at McKee Road Elementary. This number was nowhere in Suzanne’s and my plans when we started the organization in 2011. We were simply looking for a place to serve together to try to learn to work together and make a difference for those less fortunate. After a couple of roles working through larger organizations, we had decided to start our own thing as we tend to be pretty entrepreneurial. As anyone who knows the two of us would agree, I thought we would work well together because I can talk about things, and she can actually get them done. We had worked with another food packing organization that sent the supplies, equipment and teams in from out of town. We believed this could be done locally better and cheaper, impacting that many more people. One of the important aspects for us is that nobody is paid through the proceeds of this charity. Everything that is raised goes to the food or its logistics.

Two important organizations helped us get started. First, there was Kids Against Hunger, a food packing organization that worked with independent nonprofits (501c3’s) around the country to pack food, very similar to a franchise concept. Second, Samaritan’s International, which is a nonprofit started by the Brown family that owns a furniture store called Furniture Outlet World in Waxhaw NC. That business supports a compound in Nicaragua where they feed up to 100,000 hungry people weekly. If you are buying furniture, please go there (the lobby is full of pictures from Nicaragua)!  The Browns support all of our logistical needs with their trucks, forklifts, and warehouse space.


We started by bringing/dragging/bribing our kids and their friends to help us run packing events, creating many great memories. Eventually people with varied skills and experience started asking to help us. We now have a group of twenty-five volunteer leaders, many of whom can run events without us. Recently, another organization has assigned one of their staff to help us full-time.

In 2013, we rebranded as Servants With a Heart, a term that is very important to Suzanne and me. One of the businesses I am involved with fixes homes and other properties after insurance-related disasters. Jenkins Restorations’ mission statement is Restoring Property and Lives with a Servant’s Heart. I like to say a person with a servant’s heart has the empathy to see someone suffering and the compassion to do something about it.


We are excited for 2019 to serve along schools, churches and other community organizations to impact people suffering from hunger. We will also do more Servants With a Heart Impact Days where we open our packing lines to the public.

This journey has been amazing for Suzanne and me so far. As Christians running a non-religious nonprofit, we know God has orchestrated the success of Servants With a Heart and will continue to lead us!

—Jeffrey Yoh, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director

Suzanne Yoh
Welcome to our new website!

We are excited that you are here to learn more about how you can help hungry children and their families and to understand what make Servants With a Heart an instrument of impact. Let us know if you have any ideas for blog posts. Have you helped at a packing event? Share your story with us here.

Suzanne Yoh