A blip in time

Another exciting week last week as two more 40 foot containers of meals were loaded and sent to port, bound for Samaritan’s International in Nicaragua. As I was loading, it was awe-inspiring to see and realize the amount of love and hope that went into each and every bag, box and pallet. For most of us, a couple hours on a school day or weekend is a small investment of time. But each of those 2-hour shifts, coupled with other 2 hour shifts, creates a meaningful result that provides life-saving aid to a child or family that struggles so mightily to find even a morsel of food. In our busy world of school, work, sports, vacations, etc., a two hour blip in time can mean a literal lifetime for those who benefit from your generosity. So on behalf of our meal recipients, thank you!

If you have questions or are interested in finding out more about ways to be involved, please reach out to us at info@servantswithaheart.org

Brandon Faulkner, Program Director

Suzanne Yoh